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Papa’s Paleteria

Welcome to Papa's Paleteria, where you create paletas and ice pops for the sunny seaside town of San Fresco. You take on the role of a skilled ice pop artisan tasked with creating mouthwatering treats for the residents and tourists. You must multitask between filling molds, chilling paletas, and adding the perfect finishing touches to each frozen creation. With each passing holiday, new ingredients, flavors, and challenges await, ensuring an endless supply of frosty fun. 

How to Play

Pour and fill paleta molds with a variety of flavorful ingredients, from fruity purees to creamy fillings.

Customize each paleta with an assortment of dips, drizzles, and toppings to create unique flavor combinations.

Serve your delectable creations to eager customers.

Unlock new ingredients, molds, and decorations as you progress through the game and reach higher ranks.

Try creative combinations in the Food Truck.


How many holidays are featured in Papa's Paleteria?

Papa's Paleteria features 12 separate holidays, each bringing new ingredients and challenges to the game.

What are Special Recipes, and how do I earn them?

Special Recipes are unique creations earned from customers, which can be served as the Daily Special in the Paleteria. Mastering each recipe earns you prizes and rewards.

Let's roll up your sleeves, and start crafting the coolest treats in town!

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