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Papa's Taco Mia

Papa's Taco Mia is a new addition to the Papa's series. In this tantalizing game, you wil do the job of a budding taco chef and whip up mouthwatering creations for hungry customers. From savory meats to zesty salsas, every order is an opportunity to showcase your culinary prowess.

As orders come in, it's up to you to assemble the perfect taco, customizing it to each customer's preferences. With a wide range of ingredients and toppings at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.

How to Play Papa's Taco Mia:

  • Take orders from customers and note their specific requests.
  • Choose from an assortment of ingredients including meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces.
  • Cook and assemble each taco according to the customer's preferences.
  • Serve up the finished product and collect tips based on accuracy and speed.
  • Use earned tips to upgrade your restaurant and unlock new ingredients.


Q: Can I create my own custom ingredients or recipes?

A: At this time, Papa's Taco Mia does not feature a built-in tool for creating custom ingredients or recipes. However, players can experiment with different combinations of existing ingredients to craft unique taco creations.

Q: How are the customer preferences determined in the game?

A: Customer preferences are based on a variety of factors, including their individual tastes and the current trends in the game world. As you progress through the game, you may notice certain patterns or trends among the customers, which can help you anticipate their preferences more accurately.

Q: Can I decorate or customize my restaurant's interior?

A: While Papa's Taco Mia primarily focuses on the culinary aspect of running a restaurant, players may have the opportunity to customize their restaurant's interior in future updates or sequels to the game. Keep an eye out for any announcements from Flipline Studios regarding new features or customization options.

It's time to make Papa proud!



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