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Papa's Pastaria To Go!

You wish to enjoy a taste of Italy but can't hop on a plane? Papa's Pastaria To Go! The game takes you to the world of pasta-making as you take charge of Papa's Pastaria and serve up mouthwatering dishes to hungry customers. 

In Papa's Pastaria To Go!, players find themselves in the picturesque town of Portallini, where a wedding is about to take place. With no available hotels, you decide to bunk down at Papa's Pastaria and lend a hand in the kitchen. Cook up delicious pasta dishes, serve customers with a smile, and keep the restaurant running smoothly.

How to Play

  • Cook various pasta types such as gnocchi, spaghetti, and macaroni to perfection.
  • Be precise with timing to avoid overcooking, which can affect your score.
  • Enhance pasta creations with Papa's marinara sauce and other delectable sauces.
  • Sprinkle parmesan cheese for a finishing touch to elevate flavors.
  • Serve complimentary garlic bread with every pasta dish for the full Italian experience.
  • Take on one of seven mini-games after each shift to earn rewards.
  • Use tips to purchase new items for the restaurant and enhance gameplay.
  • Upgrade restaurant decor with tables, posters, and other decorative items.
  • Invest in equipment upgrades to streamline food preparation and improve customer satisfaction.


Q: Can I customize my character in Papa's Pastaria To Go!?

A: Yes, you can. Choose to play as Doan, Utah, or create your custom character to represent you as you embark on your pasta-making journey.

Q: Are there different pasta dishes to serve in the game?

A: Yes, Papa's Pastaria To Go! offers a variety of complex pasta dishes to satisfy every craving. Experiment with different combinations of pasta types and sauces to create the perfect dish for your customers.

Q: How can I unlock new items for the restaurant?

A: Successfully complete mini-games after each shift to earn rewards that can be used to unlock new items for your restaurant. Invest your hard-earned tips wisely to upgrade Papa's Pastaria and become a pro Italian chef.


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