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Papa's Freezeria Deluxe

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe is a time-management cooking game by Flipline Studios. This time, Papa Louie's odd clientele make your seaside ice cream store work chaotic. You must make and serve beautiful sundaes, from ice cream to toppings. The game adds additional ingredients, consumers, and holiday flavors. Daily Specials, a Freezeria Food Truck, and seasonal decorations provide richness. The Papa's Freezeria Deluxe game provides a complete and entertaining gaming experience.

How to Play

  • Start by pouring the ice cream base and adding mixables and syrups at the Build Station to match the customer’s order.
  • Blend the sundaes to the perfect consistency at the Mix Station.
  • Add whipped cream, toppings, and other finishing touches at the Top Station to create a visually appealing and tasty treat.
  • Take orders from customers and deliver the finished sundaes at the Order Station.
  • Multitask efficiently between stations to keep customers happy and earn tips.


Use mouse to control.


Q. How do you unlock new ingredients and customers in the game?
A. New ingredients and customers are unlocked as you progress through the game, especially when celebrating the 12 different holidays and meeting the new arrivals from the S.S. Louie cruise ship.

Q. How does the Freezeria Food Truck work?
A. After hiring a Driver, you can send the Freezeria Food Truck out between workdays. Create custom sundaes and serve them to see which customers show up. This mode allows for creative combinations and free play.


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