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Papa Louie Pals

Papa Louie Pals is a fun game where players can make up their own Papa's stories and characters. This game is great for storytellers and character designers.

In Papa Louie Pals, players can make and save Pals to make up stories and scenes. You could make a cartoon strip, a meme, or a visual work of fan fiction. Papa Louie Pals encourages creativity and self-expression.

How to Play

  • Design characters using sliders with various options.
  • Choose hairstyles, customize facial features, and dress Pals with various items.
  • Place Pals in custom scenes with backgrounds, props, and word bubbles.
  • Arrange, resize, and rotate Pals, selecting poses and facial expressions.
  • Expand scenes with characters from Papa Louie’s restaurants using Customer Packs.
  • Add new backgrounds, props, and clothing from Customer Packs.
  • Save scenes as images or share them via messages or social media.
  • Edit saved scenes and characters anytime.


Tap or click to select and customize characters and props.
Use gestures to rotate, resize, and arrange elements within your scenes.


What can I use my scenes for in Papa Louie Pals?
Scene photos can be used for comic strips, memes, visual fan fiction, character spotlights, and more.

Can I include characters from Papa Louie’s other games?
Purchase Customer Packs to add Papa Louie and his renowned customers' personalities, settings, props, and apparel.

Is it possible to edit my saved scenes and characters?
Yes, you can alter stored scenes and characters to improve and expand your creations.


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