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Papa's Pizzeria

Papa Louie takes a short leave this time, and pizza-making duties fall to Roy, Papa Louie's trusty nephew. Will Roy be good enough to make all customers leave with satisfaction? Step into Roy's shoes and experience Papa's Pizzeria!

Game Overview

Papa's Pizzeria is the first game in the Papa Louie restaurant time management game series. The game was first released on August 7, 2007 by Flipline Studios. Since its launch, the game has received a warm welcome from gamers.

In Papa's Pizzeria, players are in charge of every aspect of running a pizza restaurant. Your task includes taking orders, crafting pizzas and baking. Each customer presents a unique set of preferences, challenging players to fulfill their orders with precision and efficiency. Customers' satisfaction is your goal. 

Game Features

The game boasts several outstanding features that contribute to its addictive gameplay:

  • Customize your pizzas:

Players can create custom pizzas according to each customer's preferences. 

  • Multiple Tasks:

As the pizzeria becomes busier, players must take multiple orders simultaneously. Can you allocate work so that the restaurant operates in the best way?

  • Time Management:

With the number of customers increasing, time management needs to be emphasized. Your work efficiency needs to be guaranteed and maintained so that all orders are completed in a timely manner while still ensuring quality.

  • Progressive Difficulty:

The difficulty level increases by the time players serve in the game. You have to work to adapt to new challenges and complexities.

How to Play Papa's Pizzeria

In Roy's role, what do you have to do to run your restaurant well?

  • Start by taking orders from customers, noting their preferences for toppings, cooking time, and slicing.
  • Ensure precise assembly of custom pizzas with the correct placement of each ingredient.
  • Place the pizzas in the oven and monitor their cooking time closely.
  • Serve food to the waiting customers once the pizzas are ready.
  • Earn tips by impressing customers with your efficiency and attention to detail. Tips can be used to upgrade the pizzeria and improve your performance.

How to play Papa's Pizzeria

How to Control 

Use your mouse to control all actions in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you will get a detailed guide for pizza-making steps and serve it to customers. 

Similar Games

Papa's Pizzeria is one of the games in the Papa's Games series. Below is a list of games similar to Papa's Pizzeria that you can play online, no need to download, it's completely free.

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Papa's Freezeria introduces you to the world of frozen delicious food! An ice cream artisan serves up delicious frozen delights to customers. Playing the game, you will start a sweet journey to create the perfect frozen concoctions while managing their bustling shop.

Papa's Burgeria

As employees at Papa Louie's burger joint, players take on the role of master burger chef. Your task is to craft yummy burgers to satisfy hungry customers. Strive to become the ultimate burger chef.

Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa's Cupcakeria allows players to unleash their creativity. Venturing into the world of cupcakes, you will be in charge of managing a bustling cupcake shop and fulfilling orders with precision. Every detail counts as players strive to bake, decorate, and serve the most delicious cupcakes to their clients.

Papa's Pancakeria

Papa's Pancakeria is another addition to Papa's restaurant franchise. Players in this game take part in a breakfast-themed adventure, flipping pancakes and serving them to hungry patrons. Your goal is to become the ultimate pancake virtuoso.

Papa's Scooperia

In the Papa's Scooperia game, players take on the role of an ice cream entrepreneur. The main job is to serve up delightful scoops and sundaes to eager customers. Players must master the art of ice cream craftsmanship, from mixing flavors to decorating cones, while managing their bustling shop with efficiency.

list of games similar to papas pizzeria

Those are typical games to briefly mention. There are a series of Papa's games that have been released and more will continue to be updated. Don't just stop here; access more Papa's games to explore the world of cuisine.


Q: Can I customize my pizza restaurant in the game?

A: The primary focus of the game is on crafting pizzas and serving customers. Possibly, some installments in the series allow players to customize their restaurant with various upgrades.

Q: Are there different difficulty levels in Papa's Pizzeria?

A: While the game doesn't feature traditional difficulty settings, the challenge increases progressively. Serving food to customers will become more complicated over time to keep the gameplay engaging.

Q: How many customers can I serve at once in Papa's Pizzeria?

A: The number of customers varies depending on the level of the game. The later, the busier the player will be, requiring them to handle multiple orders simultaneously.

Q: Is Papa's Pizzeria available on both PCs and mobile devices?

A: Yes, Papa's Pizzeria is available for both PC and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go.


Papa's Pizzeria is truly a cooking game that is hard to miss in Papa Louie's game series. Enter Papa's kitchen to take on all cooking tasks and make customers leave with satisfaction.

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