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Papa’s Canibalia

Papa's Canibalia is a scary game with a trip into the world of delicious horror. Players are thrown into a scary story of crazy cooking. In contrast to the friendly Italian cook we've come to know, Papa Louie becomes the main bad guy and acts very evil. He kidnaps people so that his restaurant can serve horror food that no one can image.

How to Play

Take on the responsibility of overseeing Papa Louie's restaurant empire.

Prepare dishes crafted from the remains of Papa Louie's victims.

Explore the dark and twisted world of culinary horror.

Create grotesque meals to satisfy Papa Louie's clientele.

Attend to the insatiable appetites of the restaurant's customers.

Employ your management skills to ensure smooth operation.

Evade detection by authorities while running the cannibalistic business.

Prevent residents from escaping the island of horrors.


Q: Can players choose to opt out of serving horror dishes?
A: No, the core gameplay of "Papa's Canibalia" revolves around managing a restaurant that specializes in serving such dishes.

Q: Is there a storyline or narrative progression in Papa's Canibalia?
A: Yes, players navigate through a dark and twisted narrative as they manage Papa Louie's restaurant.

Are you brave enough to manage the restaurant?

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