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Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack combines the best elements of adventure gaming with the charming graphics of the Papa's series. 

In Papa Louie 2, things take a wild turn when a mysterious character opens a portal to a strange world where food comes to life and poses a threat to everyone in its path. Can you help Papa and his clients survive this bizarre culinary catastrophe?

How to Play Papa Louie 2

  • Overcome 8 levels set in a strange and captivating land.
  • Look out for blue checkpoints to mark your progress in each challenging stage.
  • Move with the Left and Right Arrows, jump and climb with the Up Arrow, and slide or duck with the Down Arrow. 
  • Attack enemies using the Space Bar.
  • Prepare to face a variety of formidable foes, from angry onions to menacing parsnips. 
  • Be swift in dispatching them with your trusty weapon!


Try different tactics, such as jumping on enemies or sliding down hills to knock them over.

Collect coins and bonus points scattered throughout each level to uncover secrets and rescue loyal clients.

Unlock new friends as you progress through the game, wielding impressive tools like toy guns and surfboards.


Can I play Papa Louie 2 on my mobile device?

Unfortunately, Papa Louie 2 is currently only available on desktop platforms.

How many levels are there in Papa Louie 2?

Papa Louie 2 features a total of 8 thrilling levels, each with its own unique challenges and obstacles.

Papa Louie 2 promises hours of entertainment for burger enthusiasts and adventure seekers.


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