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Papa's Cluckeria

Papa Louie has set up shop with Papa's Cluckeria, and it's your chance to prove your culinary prowess. Get ready to bread, batter, fry, and stack your way to victory while serving up scrumptious sandwiches and swirled slushes.

In Papa's Cluckeria, players take charge of Papa Louie's newest venture. The goal is to create the most mouthwatering chicken sandwiches and refreshing slushes in town. With a variety of ingredients and seasonal specialties at your disposal, you'll need to satisfy the diverse tastes of your customers while outshining rival chefs.

How to Play Papa's Cluckeria:

Coat the chicken in various breading options, fry it to golden perfection.

Keep an eye out for Papa Louie's innovative twists on classic fried foods.

Choose from an array of buns, meats, cheeses, toppings, and sauces to craft delectable sandwiches tailored to each customer's preferences.

Prepare refreshing swirled slushes by adding ice and flavor syrups to the cup.

As you progress, the seasons and holidays in Oilseed Springs change, introducing new slush flavors, buns, toppings, and sauces to tantalize your customers' taste buds.

Earn Special Recipes from your customers and feature them as the Daily Special, aiming to master each recipe for special rewards.

Play as Wylan B or Olivia, or create your own custom character to helm the restaurant. 

Expand your reach by taking phone orders and hiring a Driver to deliver sandwiches. 

Complete tasks and achievements to earn colorful Stickers.


Q: How do I unlock new ingredients?

A: Progress through the game by serving customers and mastering recipes to unlock a wide range of ingredients to elevate your culinary creations.

Q: Can I play Papa's Cluckeria on mobile devices?

A: Yes! Papa's Cluckeria To Go is available on various mobile platforms, allowing you to cook up delicious chicken sandwiches and slushes on the go.

Enjoy it!


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