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Papa's Smootheria

Papa's Smootheria is a chef game where you play as a smoothie connoisseur tasked with satisfying the thirst of customers. Can you do it well from classic fruit smoothies to exotic blends? Following the success of the Papa Louie series, the Papa's Smootheria game is sure to keep you immersed.

How to Play

Start by taking orders from thirsty customers and selecting the appropriate fruits and ingredients for each smoothie.

Use the blender to mix and blend the ingredients to perfection.

Customize each smoothie with a variety of toppings, such as whipped cream, fruit slices, and sprinkles, to add the perfect finishing touch.

Serve up refreshing smoothies to eager customers, earning tips and rewards for speed and accuracy.

Unlock new fruits, flavors, and decorations to enhance your smoothie creations and attract more customers to Papa's Smootheria.


How many smoothie recipes are available in Papa's Smootheria?

Papa's Smootheria features a wide variety of smoothie recipes, ranging from classic fruit blends to unique and exotic combinations inspired by tropical flavors.

Are there any special events or promotions in Papa's Smootheria?

Yes, Papa's Smootheria periodically features special events and promotions, offering players the chance to earn exclusive rewards and unlock new ingredients and decorations for their smoothie shop.

Serve up some tasty treats at Papa's Smootheria!

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