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Slime Maker

Slime Maker is a fun casual game that allows you create your own slime. Mixing substances to make slimes is fun and soothing for all ages. Slime creation is simple and intuitive, so anyone can start. Start by mixing slime basic components. After assembling the base, you can customize your slime with many colors. Customization includes glitter, beads, and other fun accessories. A simple point-and-click or tap-to-interact interface makes the game exciting and hands-on, excellent for relaxing or being creative.

How to Play

  • Click or tap to start mixing the base ingredients for the slime.
  • Select and mix your desired colors into the slime base.
  • Choose and add decorations such as glitter, beads, or other fun elements.
  • Interact with each step to ensure the slime is mixed to your liking.


Click or tap.


Q: How do I start making slime in the game?
A: Just click or tap to mix the base components to make slime. Mix and match colors and decorations as instructed. Interactive steps make the process simple and fun.

Q: Can I play Slime Maker on mobile devices?
A: Slime Maker works on PCs and mobile devices with a simple point-and-click or tap-to-interact interface. Making slime on your favorite device is fun and fascinating.

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