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Sandwich Runner

Sandwich Runner is a fun food game where players collect ingredients to make the best sandwich for a hungry man. Avoid poor ingredients that make the diner sick and accumulate excellent ones that cause distinct reactions as you go through levels. The aim is to give the man a perfect sandwich that meets his needs without side effects. New tasks and ingredient combinations test reflexes and decision-making at each level. Enjoy the eater's quirky reactions, like spitting red pepper or enjoying a meal. Play this engrossing game and stack your sandwich high to delight your customer. Sandwich Runner is free and endlessly enjoyable online.

How to Play

  • Collect good ingredients while avoiding bad ones.
  • Stack your sandwich as high as possible with beneficial ingredients.
  • Watch the eater’s reactions to different ingredient combinations.
  • Complete each stage by delivering the ultimate sandwich to the hungry man.
  • Keep refining your strategy to achieve the best results.


Use mouse or touch screen.


Q. What is the objective of Sandwich Runner?
A. Sandwich Runner requires you to collect ingredients to make a delicious sandwich for a hungry man at the end of each level. Players must avoid unhealthy components and find ones that make them feel good.

Q. How do I control Sandwich Runner?
A. Use the mouse or touch screen to control Sandwich Runner. Click or tap ingredients to collect them on platform levels.

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