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Popcorn Fun Factory

Popcorn Fun Factory is an idle food game that lets you grow your own popcorn factory. Start small and add production lines and amazing popcorn flavors as you grow. The game is easy to play, so you can relax while your factory runs. Upgrades improve output, unlock new recipes, and boost revenues as you continue. Upgrades increase factory productivity, letting you make more money and grow your popcorn empire. The beautiful colors and rewarding mechanics make the Popcorn Fun Factory game fun for all ages.

How to Play

  • Click the screen to start producing popcorn.
  • Unlock new production lines to expand your factory.
  • Create different flavors of popcorn to diversify your offerings.
  • Invest in upgrades to enhance production efficiency.
  • Automate production to increase profits while you relax.
  • Expand your factory by reinvesting your earnings.


Use mouse to click.


What is the goal of Popcorn Fun Factory?
Build and operate a thriving popcorn factory, boosting production capacity and introducing new varieties to boost profits.

Is there a way to increase profits faster in the game?
Upgrading and automating production boost earnings in the game. Continuously reinvesting earnings in manufacturing expansions will accelerate growth.


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