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Papa’s Wingeria To Go

Papa’s Wingeria To Go is a restaurant simulation game in the Papa Louie series. The game lets you run Papa Louie's new wing eatery as chef and manager. After winning a Mega Prize, you buy the restaurant in Starlight City. Your time management and culinary skills are tested as you fry, sauce, and serve wings to guests with different tastes. You need keep up with rising requests to earn tips and unlock additional ingredients. Upgrades boost restaurant efficiency. Let's try to make your eatery the best wing joint in town with these talents.

How to Play

  • Select or create your character and prepare to run Papa Louie's restaurant.
  • Fry the wings to perfection by monitoring the timer to ensure crispiness.
  • Sauce the wings using the Wing-Spinner 3000.
  • Plate the wings attractively, adding extras like celery sticks, and serve with care.
  • Play mini-games after your shift to earn rewards that aid in the restaurant.
  • Upgrade your restaurant using earnings to buy new furnishings, decorations, and equipment.


Click to select and interact with game elements.
Drag and drop items using the mouse.


How do I earn more tips?
Serve orders quickly and accurately. Satisfied customers leave better tips.

How do I upgrade my restaurant?
Use the money earned from tips to buy new decorations and equipment from the shop menu.

Have fun!

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