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Papa's Rice Cakeria

Prepare for a delicious challenge in the world of rice cakes with Papa's Rice Cakeria. In this cooking game, each player becomes a talented rice cake chef, tasked with creating the best rice cakes. 

Take orders, prepare ingredients, and craft delectable rice cakes to perfection. From traditional rice cakes to innovative dishes, the menu offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings to satisfy every palate. 

How to Play

Start by taking orders from customers and selecting the appropriate rice cake ingredients.

Use the rice cooker to cook the rice cakes.

Customize each rice cake with a variety of toppings and fillings, such as fruits, nuts, chocolate, and more, to create unique and delicious combinations.

Serve the finished rice cakes to customers.

Unlock new rice cake recipes, toppings, and decorations to enhance your menu and attract more customers to Papa's Rice Cakeria.


Can I play Papa's Rice Cakeria on mobile devices?

Yes, Papa's Rice Cakeria is available for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the rice cake fun on the go.

How many rice cake recipes are available in Papa's Rice Cakeria?

Papa's Rice Cakeria features a wide variety of rice cake recipes, ranging from classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to exotic creations like mango sticky rice and green tea.

Are there any special events or promotions in Papa's Rice Cakeria?

Yes, Papa's Rice Cakeria periodically features special events and promotions, offering players the chance to earn exclusive rewards and unlock new ingredients and decorations for their rice cake shop.

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