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Papa's Freezeria To Go

Papa's Freezeria To Go! is a fun cooking game in Papa Louie's universe of Flipline Studios. This game takes players to a coastal resort to run a busy sundae shop, known for its time management and food preparation techniques. The Diner Dash franchise inspired the game, which continues Adobe Flash's addicting gameplay. Papa's Freezeria To Go!, the second To Go! game, has delighted fans since its release, with the April 2021 update improving the experience.

How to Play

  • Take customer orders in the Ordering section.
  • Pay close attention to their specific requests.
  • Craft sundaes in the Building section by choosing the right ingredients and layering them correctly.
  • Blend ingredients in the Mixing section to ensure the mix is just right.
  • Add toppings in the Topping section to finish the sundaes and satisfy customer desires.
  • Manage increasing workload as the menu expands, introducing over 70 ingredients and more complex recipes.


Use mouse to control.


Q: What devices can I play Papa's Freezeria To Go! on?
A: The game is available on smartphones and tablets. The dedicated tablet version provides higher resolution and more challenging gameplay.

Q: How many customers can I serve in the game?
A: You can encounter up to 85 different customers as you progress through the levels.

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