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Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Game

Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Game is a fun cooking game about cupcake baking. In this game, you run a popular cupcake shop with delicious and elegantly designed cupcakes. You must satisfy a growing number of consumers with customized orders. The game requires creativity, strategy, and time management.

The narrative begins with your cupcake shop becoming the greatest in town. As news spreads, new customers visit daily to try your delectable food. Customer tastes vary; some supply explicit order instructions, while others let you design and decorate. Every day brings new problems, but the goal is to finish orders on schedule. You can use the cash you earn to build and improve your business.

How to Play

  • Take customers' orders with specific requirements for their cupcakes.
  • Drag and drop ingredients to prepare the batter according to the order.
  • Place the cupcake tray in the oven and set the correct baking time.
  • Use various toppings, frostings, and decorations to customize the cupcakes.
  • Complete the order within the given time frame.


Drag & drop items into the correct position.
Click to select ingredients, operate the oven, and apply decorations.


Q: How to earn more coins in the game?
A: Earn coins by completing orders correctly and on schedule. You get more rewards for meeting client expectations.

Q: What if I fail to complete an order on time?
A: If you fail to complete an order within the given time, your customer satisfaction rating might decrease.


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