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Papa Pizzeria To Go

Papa’s Pizzeria To Go delivers the popular restaurant simulation to mobile devices with improved gameplay and controls tailored for smaller screens. Pizzas are ordered, topped, baked, and cut while players switch stations. To enhance immersion, each station has touch controls. Manage customer orders at the Order Station, add ingredients at the Topping Station, bake to perfection at the Bake Station, and cut accurate slices at the Cutting Station. Customer satisfaction is key to gaining points, leveling up, and unlocking toppings and customers. A thumb-friendly Topping Station, improved oven alarms and boosters, and multi-touch cutting are new. Upgrades and lobby decorations can be made using tips, and 26 new ingredients and 140 customization items add inventiveness.

How to Play

  • Move between stations using buttons in the screen corners.
  • At the Order Station, watch for waiting customers.
  • Add toppings at the Topping Station by tapping on bins and the pizza.
  • Bake pizzas at the Bake Station using alarms and boosters.
  • Cut pizzas at the Cutting Station by dragging lines and using multi-touch.
  • Spend tips on upgrades and lobby decorations in the Shop.
  • Unlock new customers and ingredients as you level up.


Use mouse to interact.


Q: How do I improve my pizzas and get better ratings?
A: Pay close attention to every customer's order, from the fillings to the baking and cutting. You can get upgrades like Oven Alarms and Cutting Guides from the in-game Shop. These help you get perfect results.

Q: What are tips used for in the game?
A: Tips can be spent in the Shop to buy upgrades for your stations and decorations for your lobby. This helps improve your restaurant's functionality and customer satisfaction.

Enjoy managing your pizza shop in Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

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