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Papa Louie 4

Papa Louie 4: When Taco Attack is one of the games in the Papa Louie series. Flipline Studios' game puts players on an action-packed trip across stages with dangerous tacos. This time, players play as a heroic cook. Papa Louie must rescue faithful customers and pals from the wicked taco minions. Each level has adversaries, puzzles, and coins to gather.

How to Play

  • Engage in combat with a variety of taco-themed foes.
  • Use Papa Louie’s trusty spatula to whack enemies and clear your path.
  • Collect coins and power-ups, they can be used to unlock new abilities and items that help Papa Louie in his quest.
  • Find and rescue Papa Louie’s friends who have been captured by the evil tacos.
  • Solve puzzles to progress.


Arrow Keys: Move Papa Louie left or right, and use the up arrow to jump.
Spacebar: Swing Papa Louie’s spatula to attack enemies or interact with objects.
Down Arrow: Duck to avoid obstacles or slide through tight spaces.
P Key: Pause the game to access the menu and adjust settings.
Shift Key: Run for faster movement.


Papa Louie 4: When Taco Attack's goal?
The goal is to beat foes and rescue Papa Louie's buddies.

How do I defeat enemies in the game?
Tap spacebar to swing Papa Louie's spatula against foes. Multiple hits or special tactics may defeat some foes.

What are the coins used for?
Coins collected during levels can be used to unlock new abilities, items, and upgrades. That help Papa Louie in his quest.


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