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Papa Cherry Saga

Papa Cherry Saga is a fun matching puzzle game set in a fantasy country full with sweets. This adorable game has vivid colors and exciting gameplay. Papa Cherry matches doughnuts, pastries, and other delicacies to fulfill his sweet need.

Unique combos, interesting effects, and essential boosters enhance gaming. Players will be challenged and entertained by dozens of levels.

How to Play

  • Swap adjacent desserts to form a row or column of three or more identical treats.
  • Remove the sweets from the board to help you progress through the level.
  • Form unique combos by matching sweets in shapes like L or T.
  • Trigger special effects to clear larger sections of the board and earn extra points.
  • Take advantage of boosters if you get stuck on a level.
  • Use these powerful tools to overcome challenging puzzles.
  • Think ahead and plan your moves strategically.
  • Match four or more cookies to create power-ups that clear more sweets from the board.
  • Use five extra moves at the end of the game if needed to secure a win.
  • Blast through chocolate blocks and marshmallows to collect cookies.
  • Tackle unique challenges in each level with quick thinking and smart moves.


Move a Dessert: Left-click (or tap) and hold to select a dessert.
Match Dessert: Release the click (or tap) to place the dessert in its new position.


What is the main objective of Papa Cherry Saga?
The main goal is to help Chef Papa Cherry gather desserts by putting them together in sets of three or more.

How do I create power-ups?
To make power-ups, line up at least four cookies in a row. You can clear bigger parts of the board with these special things, which will help you finish levels faster.

Enjoy it!

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