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Papa Cherry Blast Saga

Papa Cherry Blast Saga is a one-player puzzle game that transports players to a dessert-filled world. Charming chef with an insatiable sweet craving appears in the game. Players help him acquire donuts and other sweets. This match-three game has vivid graphics, exciting gameplay, and many unique elements to keep players interested for hours.

How to Play

  • Match three or more identical treats to clear them from the board.
  • Encounter increasingly challenging puzzles requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes as you progress.
  • Form unique letter-shaped combinations (L and T shapes) to trigger spectacular effects and clear large portions of the board.
  • Swipe the desserts to create matching rows or columns to play.
  • Achieve specific goals for each level.


PCs: Use mouse to control.
Mobiles: Use your finger to swipe.
Boosters: Tap on the booster icons when they are available to activate.
Shuffle: Use the shuffle button to mix up the treats on the board.


Q. What makes Papa Cherry Blast Saga different from other match-three games?

A. Papa Cherry Blast Saga's charming theme, captivating tale, and powerful letter-shaped combinations set it apart. Boosters and bonuses bring strategy and excitement to the game.

Q. How can I earn boosters in the game?

A. Complete stages, get high scores, and gather special goodies to gain boosters. The game sometimes rewards daily logins and unique events with boosters.


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