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Max Mixed Cocktails

Max Mixed Cocktails is a simple casual game puts you in the shoes of Max, an aspiring mixologist at a vibrant beach club. Relaxing beach scenery and uncomplicated gameplay make the game ideal for unwinding. You must create the best drinks with bright ingredients from your well-stocked bar. The dish you choose each round poses a fresh challenge, with certain components readily available and others obtained via watching advertising or guessing. Strategy and decision-making are included, testing your drink mixing expertise and instincts. Masterfully mixing ingredients to replicate traditional drinks and create new ones yields quirky and unexpected results. Max Mixed Cocktails challenges you to follow recipes and promotes creativity, making it ideal for casual gamers and cocktail connoisseurs.

How to Play

  • Select a recipe to prepare from the visual menu.
  • Gather ingredients from your well-stocked bar.
  • Watch a quick ad to unlock unavailable ingredients or guess the missing components.
  • Mix the ingredients according to the recipe or your own intuition.
  • Observe Max’s reaction to your cocktail creation.


Use mouse to control.


Q: What happens if I mix the wrong ingredients in a cocktail?
A: Max will taste the cocktail if you mix the wrong ingredients, resulting in bizarre and unexpected results. Max can be praised in a party, swept away by a tsunami, or imprisoned.

Q: Can I create my own cocktail recipes in the game?
A: Max Mixed Cocktails promotes creativity. You can follow the instructions or mix and match components to create unique mixtures and possibly the next great cocktail.

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