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Infinite Chef

Infinite Chef is a fun cooking simulation game to play on web browsers. The game's advanced dish name generator can handle several ingredients, making it the ultimate virtual culinary experience. Players can try hundreds of ingredients to make new recipes each time. Both newbie and experienced virtual chefs can navigate the straightforward UI. Ingredient selection, where players use a search bar above their workstation, is the main feature. After typing a query, players can tap to put an ingredient into their kitchen from a list. This simple feature encourages creativity and experimentation, letting players discover new flavours and improve their cooking.

How to Play

  • Select an ingredient using the search bar above your workstation.
  • Type a query to find the ingredient you want.
  • Press one of the results from the search list.
  • Tap in the kitchen to drop the selected ingredient into your workspace.
  • Experiment with different ingredient combinations to create unique dishes.


Use mouse and keyboard.


Q. How do I select and add ingredients to my dish?
A. Select an ingredient using the search bar over your workstation. Type in an ingredient search, choose one from the results, then tap in the kitchen to drop it into your workplace.

Q. Can I play Infinite Chef on any browser?
A. Yes, Infinite Chef can be played in any current web browser without downloads or installations.

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