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Icing On The Cake

Icing On The Cake is a fun and tough online cake icing game where you try to duplicate the bakery cake in the upper right corner. Your decorating abilities are tested as you use colors and dimensions to make the perfect cake in this free game. After adding the frosting, smooth it out to finish your creation and collect points. Starting with a one-layer cake, the game gets harder with more layers, colors, and larger cakes. This peaceful yet intriguing game lets you rotate, pipe, decorate, and smooth out cakes to pass each level and make the ultimate wedding or birthday cake.

How to Play

  • Rotate the cake to access all sides.
  • Pipe icing onto the cake using different colors and patterns.
  • Decorate the cake to match the example shown.
  • Smooth the icing with the given tools to achieve a polished look.
  • Advance through levels, which increase in complexity with additional layers and colors.
  • Avoid missing any spots to ensure a high score.


Use touch controls or a mouse to interact.


Q. How do I get a high score in Icing On The Cake?
A. To score well in frosting On The Cake, match your frosting to the top right sample. Be careful with colors and dimensions and cover the cake evenly. Perfectly smoothing the icing will also boost your score.

Q. Can I play Icing On The Cake on my mobile device?
A. Yes, Icing On The Cake can be played on mobile devices as the game supports touch controls.

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