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Grandma Recipe Ramen

Grandma Recipe Ramen is a cooking game that lets players enjoy and be creative while creating ramen. In the game, asking grandma for her secret recipe starts a culinary adventure. Players gather fresh ingredients and utensils to make the ideal ramen bowl. Players carefully combine the ingredients as granny instructs, blending the tastes. After cooking the ramen, garnish and top it to personalize it. Players can also dress up in charming outfits, adding to the game's charm. Grandma Recipe Ramen is enjoyable and instructive for all ages with simple controls and fascinating gameplay.

How to Play

  • Ask grandma for the ramen recipe to start.
  • Prepare the tools and gather all necessary ingredients.
  • Mix the ingredients following grandma’s precise instructions.
  • Decorate the ramen with various toppings and garnishes.
  • Dress up in cute costumes to enhance the fun.
  • Complete the ramen by following all steps and enjoy your creation!


Use mouse to interact.


Q: What is the main goal of Grandma Recipe Ramen?
A: Your task is to follow grandma’s recipe to prepare, cook, and decorate. The ultimate goal is to have a delicious bowl of ramen.

Q: How do I control the game?
A: You use the MOUSE to play the game, interacting with various tools and ingredients.

Q: What steps are involved in making the ramen?
A: The steps include asking grandma for the recipe, preparing tools, gathering ingredients, mixing ingredients, and decorating the ramen.


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