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FNF Papa’s Funkeria

FNF Papa's Funkeria is a fun game that combines Papa Louie's cooking with Friday Night Funkin's music. Papa Louie's amazing cooking skills bring his food to life, but some become hostile in this game. The Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin enters Papa Louie's universe, setting up an epic musical battle. For peace, players must assist Boyfriend beat these dishes. The game has Story and Free Play modes. Playing two songs sequentially in Story mode requires defeating your opponent in the previous match. Free Play mode lets participants choose and perform either song immediately. This amusing and demanding game combines cookery and music to test your rhythm and reflexes.

How to Play

  • Start the game on your preferred platform.
  • Choose between Story mode and Free Play mode.

In Story mode, perform two songs sequentially, unlocking the second song by defeating your opponent in the first.

In Free Play mode, select either song to perform immediately.

  • Use your keyboard to hit the right notes and keep up with the rhythm.
  • Out-sing your opponent to progress or win the game.
  • Focus on the beat and timing to maximize your score.


Enter: Start / make a selection / pause.
WASD/Arrow keys: Sing.
Back arrow key / Esc: Back.
+/-: Adjust the volume.


Q: What are the game modes available?
A: There are two game modes:

Story Mode: Perform two songs sequentially, progressing to the next song by defeating your opponent in the previous battle.

Free Play Mode: Select and perform any of the available songs immediately without sequential requirements.

Q: Can I play FNF Papa’s Funkeria for free?
A: Yes, FNF Papa’s Funkeria is available to play online for free on our website.


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