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Cooking Street

Cooking Street is a fun kitchen time management game where you're the single employee at a new restaurant. Build from the bottom up with hard effort and perseverance. Your main goal is to serve exquisite steaks and salad and take drink orders. With each customer's individual request, you must be quick and attentive to prepare their meals perfectly. With money, you can add additional meals, drinks, and services to your restaurant to improve the dining experience. The game is fun and demanding because it checks speed and detail. Cooking Street will keep you entertained while you develop the best restaurant in town, whether you're flipping steaks or pouring cocktails.

How to Play

  • Start preparing meals as soon as diners place their orders.
  • Cook steaks to perfection and prepare fresh salads.
  • Serve drinks along with the meals as requested by customers.
  • Earn money from satisfied customers to invest in restaurant upgrades.
  • Purchase new features like additional dishes and drinks to expand your menu.
  • Manage your time efficiently to handle multiple orders at once.


Use touch or mouse controls to interact.


Q. What happens if I fail to complete an order on time?
When an order is late, a customer may feel upset and leave without paying. This will reduce revenue and damage your restaurant's reputation.

Q. How can I improve my speed and efficiency in the game?
It takes practice to improve speed and efficiency. Learn the menu and task order. Upgraded equipment and culinary features might help you work faster and handle many requests.

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