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Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a cooking simulation game that tests your talents in the kitchen. Mama helps you make Thanksgiving dinner in this adventure. In the game, players make a turkey using Mama's recipe book, which details each step for a flawless supper. Complete tasks precisely to unlock a vegetarian extra level. Players learn vegetarian cooking by switching from turkey to tofu. Mama supervises the game to keep it interesting and educational.

How to Play

  • Begin by choosing the turkey preparation from Mama’s recipe book.
  • Pay close attention to Mama's guidance to perform tasks.
  • Use your mouse or touchscreen to complete various cooking tasks with precision and accuracy.
  • Complete the turkey preparation to unlock a vegetarian level where you can prepare a tofu and vegetable dish.
  • Aim for high scores by performing tasks accurately to earn rewards and unlock new challenges.


PCs: Use your mouse to control.
Mobiles: Touchscreen controls.


Q: What is the primary goal of Cooking Mama?
A: The primary goal is to prepare a perfect Thanksgiving dinner by following Mama’s detailed instructions, starting with a turkey and progressing to a vegetarian dish if you unlock the bonus level.

Q: How get a high score in Cooking Mama?
A: Follow Mama’s instructions to perform each task with precision, and complete them within the given time to earn a high score.

Join Cooking Mama on this culinary adventure today!

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