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Cooking Madness Game

Cooking Madness Game is a popular culinary game with cool features. You run a burger shop and make tasty food. You must make international cuisines to experience different food cultures in the game. It blends simulation with strategy, requiring speed and precision to satisfy clients and grow your organization. Bright graphics and excellent controls make each level more exciting. Success unlocks new recipes and upgrades culinary equipment, boosting complexity and fun. For chefs and gamers alike, Cooking Madness Game offers hours of enjoyment.

How to Play

  • Click on ingredients to select them.
  • Drag ingredients to the cooking area.
  • Click on cooking appliances to start cooking.
  • Assemble cooked ingredients into dishes.
  • Serve dishes to customers promptly.
  • Collect coins and tips from satisfied customers.
  • Upgrade kitchen equipment with earned coins.
  • Unlock new recipes and food cultures as you progress.


Use mouse to control.


Q: What makes Cooking Madness Game engaging?
A: The combination of simulation and strategy, vibrant graphics, smooth controls, and the ability to upgrade kitchen equipment and unlock new recipes make the game engaging and immersive.

Q: How do you control the game?
A: You click and drag ingredients to the cooking area and interact with kitchen tools and dishes with a mouse or finger.

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