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Cooking Festival

Cooking Festival is a fun cooking game where players travel the world and serve wonderful food. Players can bake fluffy pancakes, roast juicy ribs, and make authentic Italian pizzas, aromatic baked goods, and creamy ice creams in the game. Each level has different obstacles and delicacies, keeping games interesting. The Cooking Festival game is fun for beginners and pros alike. The culinary trip lets players try international cuisines and cooking styles. Cooking Festival is a must-play for management simulation and cooking game fans.

How to Play

  • Start your journey by selecting your first location on the world map.
  • Follow recipes provided at each level.
  • Manage your kitchen by efficiently using cooking stations for tasks.
  • Serve your customers promptly to ensure satisfaction, earn generous tips, and achieve higher scores.
  • Upgrade your equipment using your earnings to cook faster and more efficiently.


Use mouse to control.


What platforms is Cooking Festival available on?
Cooking Festival is available on various platforms including PC and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game at home or on the go.

What types of dishes can I cook in Cooking Festival?
You can cook a variety of dishes including fluffy pancakes, juicy ribs, original Italian pizzas, aromatic baked goods, and creamy ice creams, among others.


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