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Candy Shop Merge

Candy Shop Merge is a fun online merging tycoon game where you combine candies to make new recipes and gain more sweets. Merging two identical candy upgrades them, filling your board with more complex candies. Leveling up increases board area, making it easier to merge and uncover new recipes. A relaxed mode lets you blend at your own pace, while a clicker fury mode speeds up cake production. Daily check-ins add benefits and candy to your merging trip.

How to Play

  • Click or tap to spawn new candies.
  • Merge candies of the same kind to upgrade them.
  • Unlock new recipes by combining identical candies.
  • Level up to increase your board space and merging opportunities.
  • Choose between a relaxing playstyle or an energetic clicker mode.
  • Check back daily for bonuses and extra candies.


Mouse click or tap on screen.


Q. What is the goal of Candy Shop Merge?
A. To unlock more sweets, combine candies to create new concoctions. Leveling up and expanding your board space allows greater merging and discovery.

Q. How do I merge candies?
A. Simply drag and drop one candy onto another of the same kind. This will upgrade the candies to a new, higher-level candy.

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Cooking Games

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